What is acne?

Acne presents itself in various ways as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and/or cystic acne. The complications of acne include pigmentation, redness, textural changes, scar, and contour changes.

What causes acne?

Four factors create acne: sebum production, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria. It can happen anywhere from your face, neck, back to your chest. When your skin produces an excess amount of sebum, and combining with dead skin buildup, it can often clog pores. The clogged pore created serves as an environment where the bacteria loves. Then when bacteria infects that environment, inflammation occurs.

Want to save goodbye to your acne from cause to symptom?

Consider the following treatments.



Medically supervised skin products, when used over long term and combined with oral therapy and lifestyle changes, are an easy, convenient, and effective option for acne and oiliness.

While neuromodulators do not treat acne directly, large pore size can respond to botox micro-injection.

Laser and light can be used to treat both the inflammatory and non-inflammatory components of acne. When combined with specialized antibacteria agents, photodynamic light therapy can significantly reduce inflammatory acne.

Chemical peels are effective for inflammatory and non-inflammatory aspects of acne, while also improving pigmentation.

Intended for scar improvement, this novel treatment improves wide acne scar areas and shape of the face by growing your own collagen volumetrically. 

    • Photodynamic Collagen LipoLift Face

This novel treatment improves wide acne scar areas and shape of the face by growing your own collagen and fat volumetrically.

This very long lasting filler improve localized acne scar.

This treatment combines both motorized roller therapy and tissue engineering techniques to regenerate new deep and superficial collagen.

Motorized microneedling, in combination with autologous stem cells and low level light, is a gentle way of improving superficial acne scar.

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