Dry Skin

Dry Skin

What is Dry Skin ?

Do you have dry, dull looking, or rough feeling skin? Dry skin can casues scaliness, irritation, uncomfortable tightness, and even itchiness.

Among all skin concerns, perhaps the most commonly sought after improvement is skin hydration. This article helps to eluciadate on the causes of dry skin and clarify some myths. Meanwhile, simple solutions are discussed, and exciting advanced new products and treatments solutions are introduced.

What Causes Dry Skin? What Are the Treatment Options?

Solution 1: elimate food allergens such as milk, eggs, and peanuts, consume more cold water fish, and supplement with vitamin E and pure omega-3 oil. Prior to stating any food elimination or supplementation, work with your antiaging medical specialist physician to obtain food allergy, food immunolgy and/or micronutrient testing to guide your individual and customized tailored therapy. 

Solution 2: Use your broad spectrum sunblock every four to six hours, rain or shine, to help protect your skin.

Solution 3: Use gentle , non-irrritating cleansers or soap to help retain the natural cellular lipids.

Solution 4: Use a humidifier and set to 55% to improve ambient humidity. 

Solution 5: Use products which can gently exfoliates the skin and consider in-office peels. Start exfoliants and peels gradually and incrementally increase the frequency of application, dosage, and strength.

Solution 6:

For selection of moisturizers, select medical, clinical grade high potency hypoallergenic moisturizes which occludes, draws waters, seals, repairs, and gently exfoliates skin all at the same time.

For dryness for oily skin, consider MDSunTM Soothener and Super B. For dryness for aging skin, consider Repair Moisturizer for daytime and Intensive Moisturizer for night time use.

Solution 7:

With the guidance of your facial medical specialist, use clinical grade product with specialized delivey vehicle and consider specialized mask for better absorption.

Then consider an in-office treatments with hydrating peels, microneedle, sonophoress or electropration, micro-injection, or combination techinque for best skin moisturization treatment.

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