What is a scar?

What causes scars ?

Scars are areas of the skin that got replaced with fibrous tissue after an injury. It is a natural formation during the healing process. It is still consist of collagen, except that the fiber formation is different. Collagen fibers form in random weaving pattern in normal tissue; fibrous fiber forms in single direction, cross-linked pattern.

Scars can have various presentations:

Depressed scar: boxcar scar, icepick scar,

Raised scar: hypertrophic scar and keloid scar

Colored scar: hyperpigmented, hypopigmented, and red scars

Want to rid of the unsightly scars ?

Consider the following treatment options.



Synthetic agents used to help restore the voluminous face and restore facial harmony. 

  • Intralesional Injection

Injection of special medicine to reduce the bulk of elevated scar

Resurfacing laser can efface scar, reduce scar redness, and improve scar pigmentation.  

Micro-fine needles used to produce micro-punctures to deliver beneficial skin micronutrients. Via these micro-punctures, essential vitamins and antioxidants are delivered into the skin for enhanced penetration, and collagen is also stimulated.

A novel non-surgical face lifting technique, combines the collagen stimulation effect of MotoRoller, Sculptra, PRP derived high density growth factors, and/or placental stem cells.

Early scar respond to special medicine used to smooth texture, reduce itchiness, and lessen redness and pigmentation.

  • Subcision

This effective procedure undermines the fibrotic tissue underneath a depressed scar, thereby elevating the scar bed.


  • Scar revision

Significant scar may be excised and revised at times.



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