Under Eye Bags

Under Eye Bags

What are under eye bags?

The bags underneath the eyes is rarely a sign of medical conditions. However, it can affect one’s appearance, making one look more tired and older. The puffiness and swelling of the area underneath the eyes are common as one ages. The tissues around the eyes, particular the supporting muscles, weaken over time. And fluid can accumulate to create more swelling. The skin also become loose and thus making everything more apparent.

True under eye bags are outpouchings of the orbital fat in the lower eyelids.

Eye bags

In the younger population, eye bags are often solely the results of these outpouchings, with or without tear troughs. Whereas in the older population, these orbital fat outpouchings are often associated with lax skin, muscle, and tear troughs, and malar festoons.

Some eye bags, however, are not real. These “fake” eye bags exist, and thus a careful diagnosis of eye bag is critical to the proper selection of treatment options.

One common condition of “fake” eye bags are hypertrophic or enlarged pretarsal muscle under the the eyelash in the lower eyelids, often becoming exaggerated when smiling.

Eye bags

Another “fake” eye bags is tear trough deformity. Tear trough is a sunken trough area of volume loss below the lower eyelids. Tear trough is often associated with eye bags.

Eye bags

Another “fake” eye bags are malar festoons, which are localized squishy swelling on the cheek bones below the orbits.

Eye bags

What are the causes of under eye bags?

In the younger patients, eye bag is caused by genetically outpouching of orbital fat or the flatness of the cheek bones relative to the orbital bone.

In the older population, eye bags are caused by the weakening of orbital septum and the increasing descent and flattening of cheeks. The orbital septum is fibrous wall which prevents fat herniation, but as we get older, this wall becomes weaker and allows more and more fat to bulge outward.

Want to rid of the persistent, bothersome under eye bags?

Consider the following treatment options.


Early eye bags are often associated with tear troughs. Fillers to the volume deficiency areas often will improve the appearance and delay the progression of eye bags.

Photodynamic Collagen Lift Eyes is an advanced version of tissue engineering filler. Natural collagen is restored, and early tear troughs and eye folds can be minimized.

For lower eyelids, external or internal incisions are often combined with muscle tightening, fat replacement, and chemical or laser skin resurfacing.

While lasers do not remove fat directly, laser skin resurfacing can be used to smooth out wrinkles and improve skin laxity, which is often associated with under eye bags.

Chemical peel improves pigmentation and early wrinkling of the lower eyelids


Photodynamic Super Collagen Lift - Eyes

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